Activating the 3 Ps – Promote, Preserve, and Protect

Activating the 3 Ps means to help move the world toward a better future. Promoting, preserving, and protecting our clients’ brand presence and reputation, and the hopes and futures of children are simple, yet powerful components of this endeavor.

With an ongoing need to influence consumer priorities, the conversations of pop culture are usually driven by a marketplace that depends on popular opinion for its very survival. Our purpose as marketers is to tune into many cultures needs and respond with messages that elicit authentic emotions and responses. In turn, we connect consumers with products and services that meet those needs and invigorate the economy. In making a difference through activating the 3 Ps, we believe in tuning into the people’s needs from a more holistic standpoint to create maximum impact for sustainable futures.

People love information. We know this because of the constant access to media that reaches so many people on a daily basis. But more importantly, people love stories because stories help us make sense of the world by capturing cause and effect, usually while offering conclusions. Throughout recorded history, and perhaps earlier, we have been seeking meaning in our lives and the world through the use of story. Nowadays, people have also developed an affinity for causes since this relates to our inherent need to find purpose in our daily lives, and with our natural desire to help others.

Since businesses play a significant role in influencing cultural values, including the widely accepted impression that everyone has easy and ongoing access to accurate information, it can be difficult to decipher the true needs of a culture until it is defined through causes. This kind of information is often most prevalent in academia and nonprofits as even the news media will waver in dealing with information in a careful and considered manner. As a business, however, we feel it is our duty to create more conversations around such cultural needs and amplify these conversations. After all, while cultural messaging is crucial, the corporate arena is where conversations also need to begin.